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Art Bleek “Immigrant EP” Sharivari 004
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SUJET: Art Bleek “Immigrant EP” Sharivari 004
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Art Bleek “Immigrant EP” Sharivari 004 Il y a 10 Années, 7 Mois
Hey guys,

just wanted to let you know about the 4th release of Sharivari Records, produced by Art Bleek, and out now on white vinyl.

[img] [/img]

Artist : Art Bleek
Title : Immigrant EP
Label & Ref : Sharivari Records 2011 - SHV004
Format : Vinyl (digital soon)
Link to samples :

Description :

“After the “Aphex KiNK EP” produced by Bulgarian wizard KiNK, Arthur Pochon a.k.a Art Bleek is back on Sharivari with four deep and funky tracks. From “Alright” and its straight and dynamic bassline, to the broken style beats of “Deep Hop”, full of percussions and jazzy grooves, and closing the EP with the wild and hypnotising hi-hats of “Traces & Dust”, the “Immigrant EP” proves that the Parisian producer is still one of the ambassadors of the French deep techno scene.”

Can be find on Rush Hour, Decks, Juno,, Chemical Records, Vinyle Shop,,,, Underground Gallery (Japan), Jet Set Records (Japan), and soon in most of the shops around.

And for the anniversary of the label (1 year !), listen and download the free SHV podcast, including old, new and forthcoming tracks on Sharivari Records by KiNK, Art Bleek, Prime Time, Subotic...

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