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OUT NOW "Space Expedition" by Iban Reus (ICRO25)
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SUJET: OUT NOW "Space Expedition" by Iban Reus (ICRO25)
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OUT NOW "Space Expedition" by Iban Reus (ICRO25) Il y a 9 Années, 5 Mois
Iban Reus presents "Space Expedition" for Insert Coin Records.
The great Spanish label INSERT COIN brilliantly managed by Sergio Fernandez, keeps on betting on Spanish tech-houssie productions of high octane and a great dance floor effect, through the hands (four hands!) of the duo Kodiak. This attractive and futuristic project is conducted by Balearic producers, Iban Reus and Rad Damon, well known for their fascinating summer sessions at SPACE IBIZA the past years.
With this digital EP, that comes along as INSERT COIN RECORDS’ 25th reference, KODIAK presents the track “Space Expedition” that honours its own name. We’re carried along on sound and space journey, that passes through different electronic styles such as –house, techno, funky, progressive, electro- with a clear final destiny: to get everybody on the dance floor! The clear club percussion, a permanent and addictive bass line and a very high intensive groove makes this track a mixture of actual and old school house, involving you in all moments of the track. In addition to this we can find looped background chorus, sinths, pianos and a full gallery of elements that rise “Space Expedition” to reserved places in the best late night sessions and a must in any top record bag of the selected elite. Space! Space! Space!

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The deep version in respect to the original is less stompy and brings it to a sweet velvety sound, losing therefore its danger and making it more elegant. Without forgetting the original idea of “Space Expedition”, Kodiak have managed to adapt to other electronic tastes, possibly more sophisticated and demanding when one has to translate this to the dance floor. In this version the vocals are a lot more present with a punchy tech melody that rises like magic and uplifts the deeper track, with undoubtedly a greater result.

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The EP closes with a “Happy mix” of the original where Kodiak puts all the substance on the roaster! From the first beat, they achieve a commotion towards the dance floor with a demolishing effect and outstanding pumping movements. This sexy tech house original version receives, without collision, progressive elements for the accelerating feel, converting it to a massive dance weapon for any dance floor in particular. The progression of the track is just brutal, all breaks are perfectly synchronized to create euphoria in any club or DJ set.

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DJ Iban Reus space expedition best tech house

Kodiak feat. Iban Reus & Rad Damon - Space Expedition (Original Mix) [Insert Coin Records] - YouTube

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