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sound balance problem
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SUJET: sound balance problem
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sound balance problem Il y a 3 Années, 3 Mois

Peculiar problem with TimeShock, the original version, about the sound.Normally with Brusa and Fantastic Journey you can balance the speech, mechanical, fx sounds and the music, 10 values for all sounds and music, TimeShock has the same optionsWith TimeShock I can set the sounds from 0 to 10 and everything inbetween,except the music, the music can be set on 0 or 10, but nothing inbetween, so it is off or the volume for the music is maximal, only two choices, very hard to hear the other(important) sounds, there is no balance.So I play TimeShock without music to protect my ears, and I want to hear the ball bouncing around, and the voices,
very important for me, the music is compared with the other sounds way to hard, at least for me.
I wonder if this is a common bug with TimeShock, or is it just me, maybe I'm missing something.
Didn't play TimeShock much, so I can't remember how it was in the past.I don't use a real cd nor a no-cd patch, instead I made an exact copy from the real cd on my hard drive, a virtual cd,
and I load it in a virtual cd drive, something I do with all the ProPinball games, this is also the only way to play TheWeb with music besides a real cd, which is impossible with a no-cd patch, as far as I know.Is this a common bug or is there something wrong on my disk?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Thank you.
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