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Disc Rot Preparation
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Disc Rot Preparation Il y a 3 Années, 5 Mois

Hi guys, I recently read about the limited longevity of optical media, all a result of phenomenon known as disc rot. This kinda freaked me out as I have several hundred games that are optical discs that I had planned on keeping for a long time (obviously - being a collector and all). Basically, all optical media will apparently fail eventually, there's no specified time limit for this, sometimes it's a few years others are many more.

Naturally I checked some of my own discs and I noticed a few PS2 and PS1 games I have are slightly de-laminating at the centre. I'm not too worried as I know the collection will always hold its value - the box, manual, art, etc will ensure that. I was thinking myself about making ISO backups that I could use if my disc fail?

So what preparations would you make, is it something you've considered or do you think it's over-hyped?

Please help.

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