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Issues when burning blu ray discs
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SUJET: Issues when burning blu ray discs
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Issues when burning blu ray discs Il y a 3 Années, 3 Mois

I would like to share some problems I got after burning blu ray disc in videostudio X8 and X10. In the first (X8) I frequently got "unspecified error", not all the time but it happened to me frequently. Now I updated to X10, I've juste created my first blu ray disc and was almost perfect, a little issue between some chapters, they were suppose to play continuously. My disc has 4 chapters, the first three chapters play continuously but the 4th one doesn't play unless i go back to the main menu and select the 4th chapter. My questions: Is this a problem related to especific menus in videostudio ?, or it's related to my blu ray player ?

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Medical Animated Explainer

Thank you.
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