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Getting Started with Live Production
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SUJET: Getting Started with Live Production
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Getting Started with Live Production Il y a 3 Années, 5 Mois

Hey folks. I'm the Media Arts Director at my church and we're looking to "dip our toes" into the pool of the live production world.

Our goal is to archive, stream (online), and broadcast (in-house). Everything I know about live production has been gathered through research over the last two weeks. So, needless to say, my knowledge is relatively limited (though I can grasp things pretty quickly).

At this point, my head feels like it's about to explode so I'm hoping to dump some of that out and see if I can get you guys to partner with me in sorting through the mess.

I've attached a diagram that I put together. This is what I THINK our setup is supposed to look like. Please correct and give input.

Here are some specifics notes and questions:

|||| We have a $10,000 budget to get started. There should be more money readily available to expand and upgrade, but we need to start within that budget.

|||| I'd like to have a 3 camera setup at minimum but we're likely going to start with just one. I'm leaning towards the Canon XF305 but am considering starting with a Canon XF105 for the price so we can have more "room to breathe" on other equipment needed (and attach a 1.7X telephoto conversion lens to get a tighter shot from the back of the room, which is approximately 90 feet from the front of the stage). I'd then like to potentially move that camera to a handheld on stage when budget allows us to purchase XF305's.

|||| I'm not sure exactly what ATEM switcher we need, but I'm thinking the 1 M/E.

|||| I'm not sure that the Livestream Broadcaster is the best solution for our streaming needs, but I'd really love for it to be so as to not to HAVE to mess with a computer for encoding/streaming just yet.

|||| I'm also not really entirely sure what all the setup ACTUALLY looks like between this stuff. I know what major components I'm working with, but I don't know what cables and converters and things I might need to consider (though I've done a little research, I just don't have anything definitive yet).

So any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Please help.

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